The Tennis Match That Would Never End

If youÍve ever played tennis, you may have finished a match in less than an hour, four hours or, more likely, somewhere in between. It really just depends on how quickly you knock out the match set and how good (or bad) the competition is. My neck is sore just remembering, but a recent Wimbledon match logged an 11 hour and 5 minute match that was played out over three days! American John Isner battled it out over the long haul with Nicolas Mahut, to win in the 5th set _ score, 70-68. Isner was able to backhand the ball just a hair out of the reach of the Frenchman, Mahut. Both dropped to the ground in exhaustion, the crowd roared and, I imagine, also began massaging the cricks out of each others necks! There is no arguing that these two guys were amazingly matched in skill and endurance, both waiting for the other to crack under the prolonged pressure.

If you love tennis, this surely was a much-talked about event over coffee or warm-ups for a good portion of the week. The event did break 12 standing records in the Guinness Book of World Records. Celebrate the love of this time-honored sport with a personalized pub sign with a tennis club theme. Hang it in your personal ñlocker roomî, in a home bar or give to those loyal tennis partners who are standing up for you in your wedding. In fact, these pub signs make such great groomsmen gifts that it will cause a big racquet (of happiness) when the guys open their pub signs up.