Three ValentineÍs Day Proposal Tips Guys Will Love (Okay, Like A Lot)

If youÍ'e planning to get down on bended knee and ask that special girl to get married, ValentineÍs always a romantic day to pop the question. You'll be in good company; more than 10 percent of engagements take place on February 14th, itÍs the busiest month for love. Celebrities are also included in the February engagement frenzy, much to the delight of fancy diamond jewelry stores on both coasts. Famous guys like resident ER television doctor Noah Wyle to famous shock-jock Howard stern have both become engaged on ValentineÍs Day along with numerous other stars. Stern, never one to use discretion, announced his engagement to model Beth Ostrosky on his Sirius Satellite Radio Show and let us in on all the details including the strip show, the sex, and the diamond ring (it must have been a big diamond, thatÍs all we can say).

For us regular Joes who are just scraping together enough for a decent-sized engagement ring and hoping that she doesnÍt blow the budget by ordering the ïsurf and turfÍ for dinner, there are lots of considerations to plan for when proposing on ValentineÍs Day. Here are three tips to keep on your radar before for the event.

Expect to Pay A Premium. Restaurants and florists are sure to boost up their fees on Valentine's Day, youÍll need to work this into your budget, especially if you are counting pennies or have splurged on the big diamond ring. An alternative is to prepare a home-cooked meal and surprise her with the proposal when sheÍs least expecting it. A fun idea; use a monogrammed steak brand featuring her future married initials (like the steak irons we sell for groomsmen gifts) and see if she gets the hint when she cuts into her steak. If your words are half as dazzling as the ring, she wonÍt even notice that youÍve taken the frugal route.

Wine and Dine Wisely. If you do decide to cough up the bucks for dining out on ValentineÍs Day, make sure to secure your reservations long in advance. On February 14th and even the nearest Friday and Saturday nights, the wait to get into a hip and happening spot can take hours, if you can even get in at all. If she has a favorite dessert, entr_e or drink that youÍre planning to incorporate into the proposal, make sure that the restaurant will be serving it that night. Often, a special menu will be offered with no variations. Now, if youÍre planning to put the ring IN her dessert or champagne glass, beware! WeÍve heard too many stories of emergency room trips to retrieve a ring out of hungry girlÍs gut. Another warning; if you do indulge in wine, champagne or other spirits; make sure to have a safe ride home. Getting pulled over for drunk driving is no way to start ñhappily ever after.î

Celebrate with a Surprise Party: After youÍve intimately popped the question over dinner on ValentineÍs Day, really win her over with an impromptu gathering of family and friends _assuming that you know sheÍs going to say ñyesî! After dinner, tell her youÍd like to go to a dessert bar, coffee shop or back to your house where youÍve set up a surprise engagement party. ItÍs a sweet way to include the other people she loves into the memorable life event. SheÍll be thrilled to share the good news (and show off her new rock) and youÍll win points with her parents in the process.

So, help a fellow out, share your proposal ideas for ValentineÍs Day. We want to hear everything, from the cheesy jumbo-tron proposals to your thoughts on reciting poetry. Let us know in the comments below.