If I had a dollar for every viral video IÍve watched, IÍd be able to retire and do something worthwhile with my life. Seems like every bride and groom are trying to make it big by putting out a funny video based on the proposal, walk down the wedding aisle or at the reception. Recently I stumbled upon this reception video where the groom planned a surprise dance for the bride. Set to an eclectic mix of songs declaring his love like ñBaby, Babyî by Justin Bieber and Motown classic ñAinÍt No Mountain High Enough,î the video is just so fun and crazy, I couldnÍt resist. So after watching it through to the hokey end (it is actually pretty entertaining), I decided to give you the top tips for making sure any stunt you pull like this dance is a video success.

Drinks for everyone! No matter how good a dancer you are, the production will be much more entertaining if the bar is open and everyone is feeling good. Plus, youÍll be a little more loosened up for your big dance floor debut if youÍve snuck a few sips out of a groomsmen flask. Set up the bride with a glass of champagne in an engraved toasting flute to make sure sheÍs on board and ready to boogie.

Get a good song. Make sure the song is ones your audience will be familiar with, reflects your personality, and shares your feelings for the bride. We thought the song mix the groom had in this video was brilliant because it combined current songs with old-time golden oldies; guests of all generations will be tapping their toes.

Enlist the groomsmen. DonÍt be a one-man act. Of course, youÍll be the star attraction (as any groom should be during his moment in the spotlight), but enlist the help of your groomsmen to be the backup dancers. Whether they are awesome dancers or donÍt have that gene, theyÍll provide support, comic relief, and share in the laughs. If your buddies are reluctant, do whatever you have to get them in on the gig. Promise them some of the best groomsmen gifts ever, like a personalized golf putter or a first-class cigar humidor.

You are what you wear. You and the groomsmen are going to be dressed to the nines (hint, give the guys engraved cufflinks as groomsmen gifts), but consider adding extra props like sunglasses, crazy wigs, or wild socks that will be seen with every high kick. At some point in any good surprise groom dance, a PG strip tease gets the audience riled up and the bride blushing. At least slip out of your tuxedo jacket, spin it around your head, and toss it over to the bride.

Add stunts and tricks. We have every confidence your dance moves will be enviable, but ensure the performance gets a standing ovation by adding stunts and tricks. If you can break dance, walk on your hands, leapfrog over the best manÍs back or some other doozy, add it in to the routine!

Practice, practice, practice. At least a month before the wedding start memorizing and practicing the routine at least one time per week. If anything, itÍs a good reason to invite the guys over to the man cave for a few last hurrahs before bachelorhood ends. If some of the guys are out of town, dial in on Skype and get the dance party started.

Post it on Youtube.com. Assuming the surprise groom dance was a success, post it on youtube.com and keep your fingers crossed it goes viral. DonÍt worry about any snafus that happen during the execution of your routine; those funny mishaps will make the video even funnier.

So, in the comments below, let us know if you are planning and special surprise dance for the bride at your wedding reception. Or, share the link to one of the funniest wedding videos youÍve surfed across on the internet.