Top Reasons a Guy Should Get Married

Becoming a “married man” doesn’t mean a lifetime filled with sitcom stereotypes. Television often portrays guys in a traditional marriage situation as those poor saps who have lost all the passion for life since trading his bachelor days for honey-do list days. Even those bachelor friends who haven’t settled down yet will endlessly tease a married man about the ball-and-chain and how much better it is to be flying solo. But, in reality, married men have many reasons to embrace their status as one-half of a couple. Here are just a few:

Live Long and Prosper: According to a multitude of studies, men who get married live longer than their single counterparts. Heart disease, infectious disease and fatal deaths all occur at a higher rate among single men. In addition to living longer, married men are more prosperous, primarily because they are happier, healthier and have extra years tacked onto their total years of earning potential. And, instead of women draining a guy’s budget, a mate to share household expenses with (especially is she also works) actually provides him with more discretionary income over time. Hello big screen TV and golf gear. Plus, being married gives you other prosperous incentives like tax breaks from the federal government – now that’s an awesome gift for the groom from Uncle Sam!

Fatherhood and the Family Tree: When you get married, you’ll have a chance to expand the family bloodline by having children. If you don’t pass on the family genes, who will? Of course, while you can have kids outside of wedlock; the traditional mom-dad-two-kids-and-a-dog family is still considered standard operating procedure. Starting a family and becoming a father is a milestone of manhood that most men aspire to at some point in their lives. Plus, just imagine the thrill of teaching your own little guy to play baseball with a personalized bat (like the ones from our groomsmen gift collection).

More Sex and Happiness: Numerous studies have supported the claim that it’s actually the married men, not the single guys, who have sex more frequently. This is something you can brag about as you dole out the bachelor-oriented gifts for groomsmen. The Kinsey Institute has reported that 23-percent of single men have had a ones-year dry spell compared to a mere 1-percent of married guys facing such a sex shortage. Plus, there isn’t as much wining and dining involved, although it’s always a nice gesture to bring her a personalized wine glass filled with her favorite vino once the kids have gone to bed. It’s also been said that married men have intimate relations more frequently on a weekly basis and that those relationships are more fulfilling in a long-term committed relationship. This isn’t the only way married men are getting lucky. Overall, married men are happier than single men, reporting a high level of happiness 135-percent more than bachelor men on an Australian study.

Be a Better You: Finding a partner for life will help bring out the best in you. In a healthy relationship, your wife will become a best friend who isn’t afraid to share her insights, onions and give you an honest appraisal that you may not be able to give yourself. In the end, you won’t be the same man as you were before – you’ll be a more thoughtful, loving and willing-to-compromise version of your previous self. You’ll be a better you!

So what do you expect to “get” out of marriage, what benefits do you foresee? Are you envisioning three home-cooked meals a day or someone to bring home the bacon? Let us know in the comment section below.