Unusual Wedding Customs Involving the Groom

Following tradition is a great way for the groom to honor the historical significance of marriage. Of course, the groom doesn’t have to follow the rituals like proposing with a diamond engagement ring or thanking wedding attendants with groomsmen gifts, but most do because it’s part of the whole American wedding experience. Other countries have their own wedding traditions that may seem wacky, but who’s judging? But after reading these customs below, you might be glad you live where you do!

Brazil: Long ago, a potential groom would have to prove himself to the prospective bride’s family by taming an unbridled donkey – the ritual ceremony was called bumba-meu-boi.

China: At a special dinner with the bride’s family, the groom is served an egg. He breaks the yolk to symbolize the breaking of the bride’s ties with her family.

Polynesia: In some areas, men are required to show their prowess by wrestling a shark or jump off a tower in a bungee-style feat.

Scotland: In some towns, the groom is ‘blackened’ by smearing him with molasses, rotten eggs and other smelly sauces. He then has to parade up and town the street for the crowds to laugh, all in good fun!

Sweden: At Swedish wedding receptions, women line up to kiss the groom as soon as the bride exits to go to the ladies’ room – and vice-versa!

Africa: In some villages, an elder woman accompanies the bride and groom on their first night of marriage to ‘show them the ropes.’ And you thought your future mother-in-law was nosy!

Korea: After the wedding ends, friends of the groom take off his socks, bind his ankles with a rope and start beating his feet with fish in preparation for his first night as a husband. Very strange!

If you manage to escape your wedding experience without any of these strange and unusual wedding customs, make sure to thank all the kind people in your wedding party with a generous gesture – a great big hug and best man gifts, groomsmen gifts, gifts for the parents of the bride and other members of the wedding party. Check out GroomStand.com to find something for everyone!