Ah, the paradox of time. Time is free, but itÍs priceless. You canÍt own time, but you can use it. You canÍt keep time, but you can spend it. And, once youÍve lost time, you can never get it back. Never do any of these words of wisdom make more sense than when you embark on a new journey in life, especially a groom as he gets married. If youÍve started any of the wedding planning, you must know how much time is a gift for the groom! And, while you canÍt stop time, but you can keep mementoes from special occasions to help you remember the past. This sort of personal collecting will give you a source of joy and a big smile each time you revisit your special things throughout the years. The ideal place to keep such valuable treasures is in a keepsake box. At Groomstand.com, we have quite a few handsome options for your choosing. For example, our personalized cherry keepsake box is made from quality hardwood with a sliver plate to accommodate the engraving of a name and date. And, remember, these keepsake boxes make excellent groomsmen gifts for all the important men in your wedding. This is by no means a defining list, but below are a few ideas of what to store away in a keepsake box.

  • Plane tickets, souvenirs and snapshots from your honeymoon
  • Letters, cards or poems a loved one has given you
  • Ticket stubs and programs from sporting or cultural events
  • Family heirlooms such as photos of ancestors, family keepsakes
  • Important jewelry such as a class ring, a fraternity pin or personalized cufflinks
  • Something a family member handmade for you
  • Items from your childhood such as photos, report cards, special trinkets
  • Important ñguyî collections like baseball cards or beer bottle caps