In any big group of groomsmen, it always seems like thereÍs one who stands out as the loud, obnoxious drunk. Maybe he was this way in college, and you should have thought twice about asking him to be in your wedding. Or, maybe heÍs turned into a kinda-funny, yet still slobbering stupid fool later in life and you didnÍt see it coming. Either way, itÍs too late to yank his groomsmen credentials once the wedding is in play. The only thing you can do is deal with the situation like the grown up he isnÍt.

DonÍt reward him with attention. Keep the groomsmen in question away from the microphone at all costs. A few minutes before it is time for best man and groomsmen speeches, divert this guyÍs attention elsewhere in the venue. For example, have the hotel lobby page him out of the ballroom and up to the front desk. DonÍt let him hog the dance floor, badger the bridesmaids or slobber all over your new mother-in-law. Do whatever it takes to make sure he doesnÍt take center stage!

Try to limit the amount of his alcohol intake. If you give him that go-to groomsmen gift (an engraved flask), make sure it isnÍt filled with the hard stuff! If things havenÍt completely gotten out of hand yet, secretly ask the bartender to pour him weak drinks. You really canÍt effectively police a grown manÍs alcohol intake, but you can remind him of times heÍs overindulged and made a fool of himself. Hopefully that will slow down his rowdy behavior. If possible, offer him a place to sit down and enjoy a coffee or glass of water; heÍll thank you in the morning, everyone will thank you tonight! A great idea is to replace his drink with a personalized canteen filled with water.

Get the other groomsmen to help. You have a ton of responsibilities on the wedding day; dealing with a tanked friend will take away from meeting all the other guests, like your new great Aunt Myrtle. YouÍll never hear the end of it from your bride if you are tending to a plastered friend; in fact, there may be some guilt by association. Make sure to thank the responsible friends who have stepped up to chaperone your ñgroomsmen gone wildî with extra nice and thoughtful gifts for groomsmen such as engraved cufflinks or a fine leather wallet.