Would You Wear A Male Engagment Ring?Recently, a guy friend of mine came to me in a quandary of such that I had never heard before. Apparently, his newly-minted finance, a lovely and thoroughly modern girl, had responded to his popping of the question and presentation of a diamond engagement ring with an unexpected twist. No, she didnÍt turn his proposal down, quite the opposite. After he slipped the sparkler on her finger, she ran off to the bedroom and came back with a little hinged box for him _ a male engagement ring. While the ring was subtle and not at all gaudy, a simple band of gold similar to an actual wedding ring, it seemed completely contrary to his traditional way of doing things _ including a man wearing any type of jewelry except for a watch. With lovey-dovey eyes, she said that it was a choice in engraved cufflinks? Not knowing what to say, I told him to wear the darn thing, he was essentially off the market anyway. And, for the ñfinger irritationî he was claiming to be caused by the ring, I explained that over time, the body just gives in and accepts the shackling --- you just build up calluses or let go of some manliness, or a little of both. So, would you wear a male engagement ring? Experts in the wedding jewelry industry have noted a rising trend, saying that more and more grooms-to-be are sporting this type oof betrothal bauble. A few years ago, a major jeweler in the U.K. introduced a titanium ring embedded with a small diamond and specifically marketed it as a menÍs engagement band and the popularity for a ñmangagment ringî has hopped over the pond. Actually, a male engagement band has been around for quite some time in some other countries. For example, in Brazil, both the groom- and bride-to-be wear a plain ring on the right hand while engaged and then move it to the left hand after the wedding. So, if you find yourself having to deal with the ring thing, just give her the finger. Please, not the offensive gesture though! Find comfort knowing that you are not the first man to wear an engagement band, nor the last. Acclimate to the experience by wearing it a few days a week (and always in her presence) or just dive in for full-custody. If you need to find peace with the whole guys-wearing-jewelry thing, then consider getting your buddies some bling as early