When you're entertaining, it's the little details that truly make an evening special. Presenting an ice cold beer, a vintage wine or a cocktail in a stylish glass can make a big difference in the ambiance of any party, and engraved barware is a sophisticated option for serving drinks. Most people don't buy engraved barware for themselves, making personalized glasses and accessories to stock the bar great gifts. Not only can engraved barware be given to groomsmen, but they also are wonderful holiday gifts.

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In the spirit of the upcoming season, here is a rundown on some of the options available for engraved barware gifts:

For the Wine Aficionado

The right glass doesn't just make drinking wine a little more elegant; it can also make a great wine more enjoyable. Our Personalized Red Wine Quartet have large, rounded bowls that help red wine breathe, while our Personalized White Wine Quartet have slender bowls that keep whites cooler for longer. Both of these sets include four beautiful stemware wine glasses with a laser etched initial on their bowls. For casual sipping, our Circle Initial Stemless Wine Glasses are a great choice. These versatile glasses are designed like tumblers and reduce the risk of spillage. The tumblers have a modern look with a single initial placed inside of a laser etched ring.

Circle Initial Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

For the Beer Enthusiast

With the popularity of craft beer, people are becoming as passionate about pilsners, stouts and porters as they are about chardonnay and merlot and want to have the right glasses on hand for drinking their favorite brews. Our Grand Pilsner Glass is perfect for lagers and holds 20 ounces of beer. The glass has room for personalization with up to two lines of 10 characters and are sold individually. For the man or woman who likes to enjoy a cold one during the game, our Personalized Icon 25 oz. Sports Mug is the perfect choice. This traditional handled beer mug includes a handsome laser etched icon of your choosing plus up to two 15-character lines of text. Want to buy that special someone a set of glasses for entertaining? Our Craft Beer Can Glasses have a cool contemporary look inspired by the contours of beer cans and feature a single initial.

Craft Beer Can Glasses (Set of 4)

For the Whiskey Lover

Whether they prefer to drink their favorite whiskey from a shot glass or a low ball, you can find engraved barware to give that whiskey lover the perfect way to sip. Options include our Traditional Shot Glass, which holds a 2-ounce pour and can accommodate two lines of 15 characters, and our square Personalized Shot Glass, which holds 2.5 ounces and bears a single initial. You can also opt for our Personalized Whiskey Growler Set to give them four low ball glasses and a laser etched initial growler for holding home distilled whiskey.

Personalized Whiskey Growler Set

These guys must have had a few cocktails to pull off this amazing show.

You can find all of these stylish engraved barware gifts for groomsmen and for the holidays here at Groomstand. We have many other options available, too, so shop our entire collection of bar and party gifts to find the perfect present.