Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name. Bars can be a cool place to hang out and see the lads, but sometimes it's just too much of a hassle. There's no sound for the game on TV, the service sucks, and you pay four times the price for beer that you can drink at home. For your groomsmen get-togethers, bring the atmosphere of your favorite tavern to their place with fantastic home bar accessories as groomsmen gifts.

The Personalized Pub Sign

Every bar has a name, even if it's just the guy's name that owns the house. Celebrate your buddy's favorite team, drink, or just show off his name proudly with these perfect gifts for men. The Personalized Pub Sign is an actual piece of art, making these groomsmen gifts an awesome upgrade for those dingy posters in the hall.

Pour yourself a drink

Drinking with your buds is always a fun time, but it's not the easiest to remember. Since alcohol has that mind numbing affect on us, an unforgettable groomsmen gift is an Engraved English Tavern Tankard. This cup has a pretty unique surface and appearance. Plus, you'll feel like a freakin' king when you bash these cups together before slamming them down the hatch.

If shots are more your game, the personalized NFL Shot glass is a perfect gift for any man. Even though you might feel like a pro, take your time with these shots, or you'll end up like Vikings kicker Gary Anderson. He had a perfect season kicking extra points and field goals through the 1998 regular season, but with when it came down to the big kick to get in the super bowl - he shanked it. Your next shot should be for ole Gary.

Light up a stogy

A great finish to the night is a tasty cigar. Look at Share a Cigar with Your Groomsmen for the proper method of cutting and enjoying a stogy with your groomsmen.