Mmmmm...hamburger. Americans aren't the only ones who love burgers. Fast food addicts, Tom and Kerry Watts of the UK commissioned Zak's American Diner to grill up a giant burger for their Big Day. Let's make this clear - it's not a wedding cake that looks like a burger, it's a real burger. And we thought the whole world looked down on Americans for our fatty cuisine. WTF? Maybe Americans should serve over-sized Haggis cakes at our weddings.

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We've seen burger cakes before (take a look at our past post on groom's cakes) but this wedding burger weighed in at 42 pounds. Zak's restaurant didn't skimp on the garnishes either. Twelve onions, 30 tomatoes, 48 slices of dill pickle, and about 2 1/2 pounds of cheese topped the burger. It took three chefs to lift it out of the oven.

Guests were also treated to other items from Zak's American restaurant, including a combination of the couple's favorite burgers: surf and turf for Mr. Watts and a cheeseburger for Mrs. Watts.Thankfully, no one suffered a heart attack.

Firefighter Tom, 26 said: "Not only did I get to marry the woman of my dreams but I also got to have the burger of my dreams in the same day."

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