I'm the best man for my buddy's upcoming wedding, and it's time to rent a tux. Since it's already expensive to rent one of these penguin suits for a day, a good way to save some dough is to skip the shoe rental.

Avoiding the cost is awesome, but above all else, I'd like to avoid the funkyness of renting out some other schmuck's shoes. Then again, I'm that guy who brings his own pair of bowling shoes to Saturday night cosmic bowling.

The Problem with Using Your Own Shoes

Opting out of the shoe rental means you'd better have a good pair of shoes at home. In my case, I have a great pair of black patent leather shoes from Kenneth Cole, but they've taken a beating over the years.

I don't want to look like a dope in front of the alter, and neither should you. Here are a few tips from groomstand.com to bring your creased and worn shoes back to tip top shape.

Black Leather Shoes

The most simple and obvious advice would be to polish your shoes. Our Personalized Leather Shoeshine Kit will last a lifetime, and makes for a great zen calming activity when working with most black leathers. If it's a bad scuff and the polish won't take, rub a raw potato over the mark and then apply a regular coat of polish.

But if it's patent leather we're dealing with... that's a whole different story.

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather is leather coated with polyurethane. It's shinny and it feels like plastic, which means you have to treat it like plastic.

Some Options for Scuffed Shoes

  1. Windex and a paper towel should do the trick on light scuffs.
  2. If the scuff is deep, you can either buy some Kiwi patent leather restoring-liquid or bug one of your lady friends for some clear nail polish. If this doesn't do the trick, you're going to be on the road to renting some shoes because the next option is glue and tape.

Tips for Creases in Yours Shoe

You can prevent creasing in the leather by rubbing down your shoes with olive oil, petroleum jelly, or some people even use milk. If they're already cracked, there is no way to fully-restore your shoes, but if you try these methods and store your shoes in a warm place well in-advance of the wedding, you'll greatly improve the condition of your shoes.

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