At Groomstand, it's no secret that we're big cigar aficionados. And whether you've been an aficionado for a long time, or you're just breaking in to the realm of fine tobacco products, there are 3 notable cigar essentials. If your buddy thinks of himself as a cigar aficionado, consider these essentials when shopping for your groomsmen gifts. Humidor. Air tight, with stable humidity. You come home from the cigar shop; the first thing that you should be concerned about is storage - namely, humidors. The average good smoke can run you anywhere from $10-$15 and without proper humidification, a tasty Macanudo can turn into a disgusting Swisher Sweet in a matter of days (or hours, depending on where you live). That's money down the drain and turning your moment of relaxation into a moment of frustration. Cutter. Clean cuts make for the best draw. As a general rule, the cleaner the cut, the more enjoyable the cigar is. There's several options for cutting a cigar: Punches will bore a predictable recess into the cigar cap from which you can draw steady air through - but punches only work on rounded edges. They just plain won't work on torpedo-shaped cigars. Double Guillotine cutters employ a blade on either end. They meet in the middle to make an accurately placed cut on the stick. When the blades start to dull though, double guillotines tend to pinch the wrapper (and often tear it) making for a bad smoking experience. Single Guillotine cigar cutters use a single blade. They can be tricky to line up, but when used quickly and with a steady hand, they're the most reliable option. Lighter. Burn evenly for a consistent smoke. Once you're ready to light the cigar, you have a couple options too. Matches are tried and true, but if you live somewhere really windy you might just go through so many of them trying to get the smoke burning that you'll wonder why you even tried. Kerosene/Butane Lighters provide a more controllable flame source than matches. The downside is that if you smoke regularly, you'll have to go through the hassle of refilling too. Piezoelectric Lighters are the granddaddy of all lighters. These generate a voltaic arc (whatever that means), but suffice it to say that these torches are nearly impervious to the elements and almost always give you an even burn. Enjoy! The great thing about cigars is that when you're finally properly equipped, they're one of the most pleasurable pastimes. So pick up these important aficionado must haves for your buddies as groomsmen gifts.