It's the big day, and you're in the dressing room three hours before the ceremony. While future Mrs. Whatever-your-last-name-is deals with the make-up artist, what are you supposed to do? Enjoy your last few minutes of bachelorhood with a celebratory dance? Give your guys their groomsmen gifts? Read on for our pre-ceremony checklist.

Pre-ceremony checklist:

1) Put on the tuxedo. This should be one of the most memorable and photographed times in your life, make sure you see the GroomStand Groom's Guide to the Tuxedo to make sure you look your best. Also, keep in mind that the dressing room is not a place for drastic grooming for the groom. Bleaching, buzzing, waxing or cutting is reserved no closer than a week out from the wedding.

2) After your groomsmen give you the thumbs-up on looking awesome, this is the best chance to present your groomsman gifts for a job well done.

In these fleeting moments of bachelorhood, make the most of it by reciting a heartfelt speech about how the personalized rubber grip 13-function army knife represents your strong, dependable and everlasting friendship.

On the other hand, you can use the opportunity to analyze last night's game while you break out some personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bats. Do your own personal demo on how you think Ichiro slices at balls as if he's a samurai.

Wedding Tip:

Anyway you present your groomsmen gifts, make sure you have fun without going overboard. The last thing you want to do is turn your ceremony pregame warm-up into a tailgate party.