It's simply in the DNA - if he's a man, he won't ask for directions. Women wonder aloud constantly, "honey, we're lost, I see a gas station ahead, let's pull over and ask where the highway is!" She'll be lucky to get a grunt as he speeds right on by the station. I am a man, so I understand that extremely bizarre phenomenon all to well. Somehow asking for directions is humiliating and should be avoided at all costs. A fantastic solution to this is a groomsmen's gift that even the most finicky and spoiled guys will like. The Personalized Sportman's Gift Set incorporates three essential gifts that all of your important guys will really love, a compass, a flashlight and a handy pocket knife and it's all built with a great looking and durable brushed stainless steel that will last forever. Now, forever can be a pretty long time, so that might be an exaggeration, but it'll last a long, long time. Your boys will never pass by the gas station again without knowing exactly where they're going, because heaven forbid they get lost and show up late for the wedding!

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